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Deep-Track PI Discriminator

Deep-Track PI Discriminator
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"Deep-Track" is a professional pulse inuction metal detector with LCD- display for graphical visualization  signal level and parameters of discrimination and working modes.

1. Fully automatic balance to ground conditions save and adapt to the level and parameters of ground signal and eliminated it from the total signal.

2. Detect EMI noises and their complete elimination at work.

3. Mode of work: fast, normal and slow.

4. Static and dynamic mode.

5. Main mode for all metals.

6. 2 modes of discrimination – 1. Two-tone discrimination and 2. masking ferrous metals.

7.Choice 2 types of sound indication - VCO (multi) or two tone indication, low tone for ferrous and high tones for non-magnetic (non-ferrous).

8. Build in battery that provides 10-20 hours of continuous operation depending on the chosen coil.

9. Auto charging of battery - measuring the charged capacity and measure the temperature during charging.

10. Tracking capacity of battery and automatically alarm and shutdown when battery power is critical minimum.

11. Fast and easy access to all settings in the menu.

12. Every these options allow "Deep-Track" to work perfectly in every condition including heavy mineralized and dirty places!

13. Setting for eliminate small metals from the surface layer of soil and detection of larger objects in depth.

Standart pack include.

1.Electronic block

2.110x110cm. square coil cable + pipes.

3.Charger 220v.

4.Manual instruction


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