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Crazy-star 2 "hybrid"

Crazy-star 2 "hybrid"
Crazy-star 2 "hybrid"
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Crazy-star 2 "hybrid" is
pulse induction metal detector is based on previous versions of detectors crazy-star 1 light and  vandal pulse2. In this project, "hybrid" combines two devices into one, increasing the depth of the unit,control threshold and volume are drawn manually for precise control. Settings menu of the device with extended range, allowing the operator to work in a wide range and variety of coils, added a filter to 50hz. industrial disturbances.Possibility to eliminate the smaller objects since the top layer of soil and the detection of objects at greater depth. Opportunity for visual detection of deep signals (no sound) and normal detection visual and audible at shallow objects.The kit comes with manual instruction  for setting up the unit and the development of different types of coils.
Deep-Seeking, Pulse-Induction Metal Detector! Improved Hybrid Design!

Crazy-Star 2 Hybrid is a pulse-induction metal detector based on previous design-builds PI Crazy-Star1 Lite and the Vandal Pulse2. It's an amalgamation of the "best of both worlds"!

In hybridizing two devices into one, we yield a product with increased depth -of-operation, improved threshold-setting and volume control for precision set-up.

New On Screen menu has greater range. This affords greater flexibility in coil-selection and calibration.

We've added a 50Hz filter (60Hz in North America) to eliminate power-grid interference.

Our new hybrid design affords us the possibility of eliminating smaller, surface targets and (to) focus-in on larger targets - at depth.

Kit comes complete with detailed instructions on unit-calibration as well as containing tips and tricks on coil-selection and construction.

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