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Vandal Pulse 2 kit

Vandal Pulse 2 kit
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Vandals pulse 2 is an updated version of Vandal Pulse 1. New in this version is that increased depth of detection by 15%, the opportunity to work with  battery of 9 to 12 volts. Microcontroller control. 3 options for selecting the operating frequency of 120hz-420hz-640hz. Easy to operate with only two potentiometers for adjustment and one for fine tuning. High sensitivity.LED low battery indicator.Ability to work with small and large frames Coils.Ready, tested and working board.Along with instructions for the manufacture of various coils and their setting.

Product Description:
Model : VP 2
Type : Pulse Induction
Frequency : 120Hz-420 Hz - 640Hz
Voltage 9 - 12V
Depth Of Detection : Up To 4 Meters
                         Small 27,5cm. (Good For Gold Nuggets)
                         Medium 22 x 32 (Good for coin)
                         Medium 36CM (Good For Coins)
                         Medium 38CM (Best For Coins)

                         Large 110 x 110 (Best For Large Items) Detection Depth 4 Meters

PCB Board Dimensions : 12cm x 10cm x 4cm
PCB Weight : 250 Grams
Current Draw : 120 Ma.



video can be found here:



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