110x110cm. coil FULL PACK 110x110cm. coil FULL PACK 36cm. Land craft 110x110cm. coil FULL PACK HANDLE /STICK/ HANDLE /STICK/ SNIFFER XR-71 KIT SNIFFER XR-71 KIT 28cm. PI coil Dominator 1 Crazy-star2 Vandal Pulse 2 kit 2x2m. PIC Dominator 1 Dominator 1 CP V1 110x110cm. coil FULL PACK Dominator 1 DS 1 Vandal Pulse 3 kit VP Z15 DMPI VVLF VVLF VVLF VVLF VVLF VVLF VVLF VVLF VP VDI VP VDI VP VDI FM FM 110x110cm. coil FULL PACK LBG DS 1 DS 1 DS 1 DS 1 DS 1 DS 1 DS 1 DS 1 DS 1 VVLF Shopar V3 Shopar V3 110x110cm. coil FULL PACK Box for PI detectors Box for PI detectors CRAZY-DETECTORS VDI Module Box for PI detectors 110x110cm. coil FULL PACK 36cm. Coil vandal Pulse 2 110x110cm. coil FULL PACK 110x110cm. coil FULL PACK VVLF VVLF VP VDI LBG LBG DT 28cm. CS 28cm. CS 28cm. CS

PI hobby kit detectors

PI hobby  kit detectors
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Sniffer xr-71
Pulse induction metal detector designed to search for deeply buried metal objects.2 modes-automat..
Ex Tax: £70.00
Based on 6 reviews.
Vandal Pulse 2 kit
Vandals pulse 2 is an updated version of Vandal Pulse 1. New in this version is that increased de..
Ex Tax: £75.00
Based on 14 reviews.
Crazy-star 2 "hybrid"
  Crazy-star 2 "hybrid" is pulse induction metal detector is based on previous versi..
Ex Tax: £109.00
Based on 19 reviews.
Vandal Pulse 3 kit
Technical Specifications: 1. Type-Pulse induction. 2. Operating frequency-100-250-500-850..
Ex Tax: £129.00
Based on 28 reviews.
Crazy-Pulse V1 (DBP 2010 modified)
Crazy-Pulse V1 is modified old DBP 2010 pulse induction metal detector for search deeply buried m..
Ex Tax: £85.00
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